Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Resort 2011 Trend: Polkadots

The popular polkadots are coming back! This time in the Resort 2011 collection. You'll see the rediscovered polkadot a lot in collections from Marc Jacobs (he is mainly seen on dresses and skirts, preferably combined with soft pastel shades like baby pink and light green) and Miu Miu (seen on skirts, scarves and even shoes. These are combined with lots of accessories such as bracelets and bright straps for an edgy look.. see pic above)

So what do you think of the polkadots? You love them or not, personally I think it looks cute :)

Love, Beau


  1. :') cutee post love the blog,, and im following,, but it doesnt say that your following me,, ahaa ohh well :')

  2. polkadots r not my fav but then id still wear them. love the blog, could you follow me,
    tastemysocialite.blogspot.com, will follow 100% bk.


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